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Lock your professional colour in for brilliant, long-lasting results.

Are you looking for the best treatment for your coloured hair? ColourArt contains the quality natural ingredients to keep your hair radiant and healthy. ColourArt's blend of pure Organic Ingredients* maintains the vibrancy of your professional colour by reducing colour fade caused by the sun and thermal styling, keeping your hair beautiful for longer.

Enriched with natural antioxidants, ColourArt revitalises and strengthens tour hair to leave it feeling soft, silky and incredibly shiny. It will nourish, moisturise and protect your hair from environmental damage and chemical treatments to keep it in exceptional condition.

*Active Botanical Extracts
Artav Australia's exclusive herbal complex of leaves, flowers, fruits, herbs and roots (Extracts of Alfafa, Red Clover, Arnica, Gentian Root, Juniper Fruit, Lemon Balm, Pine)




  • Native Australian Plant and Flower Extracts

COLOUR*ART Colour Lock Shampoo
Bamboo Leaf & Nettle Extract

Deep cleansing, strengthening and maximum shine for coloured, dry or damaged hair

Especially formulated with native Australian Plant and Flower Extracts to cleanse and protect dry, damaged, colour treated hair, giving it maximum shine to bring out a luminescent lustre while antioxidants strengthen and protect. Deep cleansing Nettle Extract and antioxidant qualities of Bamboo Leaf Extract will not only prevent colour fade but will maintain colour vibrancy and extend the life of your colour leaving your hair in exceptional condition.

Size Available: 375 ml

COLOUR*ART Colour Lock Conditioner
Kakadu Plum, Olive Leaf Extract & Chamomile

moisturises and protects coloured, dry or damaged hair / UV filter / maximum shine

Especially formulated with Native Australian Plant and Flower Extracts to protect and restore the moisture content in dry, damaged or colour stressed hair. The unique formulation is high in Vitamin C and natural antioxidants. Kakadu Plum and Olive Leaf Extracts hydrate and repair while Chamomile is purifying and provides protection from the drying effects of the sun.
Contains a UV filter to guard against colour fade caused by sun, wind and environmental exposure.

Size Available: 375 ml


COLOUR*ART Colour Lock Detangler
Sunflower Extract, Native Quandong & Chamomile

Porosity equiliser and leave-in protection for coloured, dry or damaged hair

Leave-in protection, especially formulated with Native Australian Plant and Flower Extracts to provide on-going protection and improve manageability of colour treated, dry or damaged hair by restoring moisture and the natural pH balance. The regenerating properties of Sunflower Extract, which is high in Vitamin A, E & D, also aid to protect from the drying effects of the sun, chemical treatments and thermal styling. Daily use will condition and maintain colour, without adding weight.

Size Available: 250 ml

COLOUR*ART Colour Lock Deep Mask
Papaya Extract, Coconut Oil & Chamomile

Restores and deep moisturises coloured, extra dry  or damaged hair / UV protection treatment

Created with over 95% naturally derived ingredients, including Papaya Extract (known for its thickening properties), Native Australian Plant and Flower Extracts (to revive and rescue dry, damaged and colour treated hair, bringing out lustre and softness), while antioxidants strengthen and protect.  Deep moisturises, reduce colour fade, maintain colour vibrancy and extend the life of colour. Can be used daily as a conditioner for extra dry or damaged hair.

Size Available: 400 g


COLOUR*ART Colour Sealing Ends Therapy
Extracts of Olive Leaf, Quangdong and Sunflower

UV protection, multi-dimensional shine for coloured, dry or damaged hair

Seals split ends from root to tip. Light reflecting (mica) technology enhances and illuminates the hair's colour pigments creating multi-dimensional shine. With Extracts of Olive Leaf, Quandong and Sunflower, this lightweight cream is high in Vitamins and antioxidants to provide long lasting shine, add moisture and tame fine, fly-away hair. Provides thermal and solar protection, which will extend colour life and reduce colour fade. Use before and after swimming for chlorine and salt protection.

Size Available: 125 ml

COLOUR*ART Colour Lock Kakadu Oil Treatment
Certified Organic Argan Oil and Kakadu Plum Extract

Adds instant shine and UV protection to colour treated hair. A unique blend of Australian Kakadu Plum Extract and Moroccan Argan Oil provide maximum colour retention, long lasting shine, strengthen weak, fragile hair and tame fine fly-away hair leaving it soft, silky and incredibly shiny.

Reduces blow-drying time.

Size Available: 120 ml

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