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Depilatory Waxes - Liquid (Warm Wax)

Seven popular variations, incorporating natural pine rosin for professional strength and gentleness to the skin. Each formulation has its own unique element creating individual benefits for the therapist and salon environment. All are gentle enough to use on legs, arms, face, bikini-line and back. Blended with natural aromatic oils for superior spread ability and gentleness to the skin.

Liquid waxes are available in 600g microwaveable tubs with selected waxes also available in 600g ring-pull tins and 1 kg tubs.

Package types available: Microwaveable Tubs and Ring-Pull Tins.

Passion XXX Delux Wax is available for Indent Orders only.

Honey Warm Wax

Original formula natural wax.

Honey Warm Wax has been used by professional waxing technicians for over 40 years. Formulated with pure Australian honey and a subtle hint of Australian lavender to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that salon clients will adore.

Sizes Available : 1Kg tub : 600 gm tub : 600 gm tin

Professional use only

Gold Liquid Wax

Deluxe organic waxing.

Liquid Gold Wax is a deluxe version of our original formula wax with a super fine texture and a brilliant golden colour.

Achieve a smooth and efficient epilation time after time.

Sizes Available : 1 Kg tub

Professional use only

Tea Tree Bliss Wax

Refreshing waxing with olive oil.

Renowned for its natural antiseptic with healing and purifying properties of Australian Tea Tree, promotes rapid recovery, restores and replenishes the skin after depilation.

Sizes Available : 1 kg tub & 600 gm tin

Professional use only

Azulene Pearl  Wax

Gentle face and body wax.

This exclusive hypoallergenic formula, enriched with the essential oil of chamomile, is suitable for facial and body waxing whilst being non-irritating to skin. Formulated to melt at a lower temperature to allow for thin and economical applications.

Sizes Available : 1kg tub & 100g cartridge

Professional use only

Platinum Paradise

Opulent brazilian waxing.

A stunning shimmering pearl satin cream with a smooth silk-like texture containing mica and titanium dioxide so it glides on smoothly.
Pamper your salon clients with the luxurious velvety soft texture of Platinum Pearl depilatory wax in 1kg – tub sizing.

Size Available: 1 kg tub

Professional use only

Silver Sensation Wax

Professional organic XXX formula with shimmering fine texture technology, provides superior grip and flexibility for ease of application. Contains lavender extracts and a brilliant silver colour for smooth and efficient depilation time after time.

Suitable for legs, arms, facial and bikini area.

Size Available : Tub 1kg

Professional use only

Strawberry Satin Wax

Indulgent depilatory waxing.

Sweet smelling satin crème that is pure perfection to use with a smooth silk like texture containing chamomile and titanium dioxide. The strawberry aroma and the smooth result will leave a long lasting impression.

Size Available : Tub 1kg

Professional use only

Passion XXX Delux Wax (Indent Orders Only)

A sensuous pink satin crème that is pure perfection to use with a smooth silk like texture for X, XX and XXX waxing. Contains rose oil, chamomile and titanium dioxide.

Size Available : Tub 1kg

Professional use only

* Australian Wax Pot is a Registered Trade Mark of Arturo Taverna International Pty. Ltd

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